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HandUp helps provide a temporary safe haven for veterans and their families. The needs of each individual/family are assessed. Case managers assist families with selecting and locating housing. These case management services will help to develop a specific, detailed housing plan that includes securing a steady income and searching for safe, decent and affordable housing.HandUp also offers financial skills training to help families budget and understand the financial responsibilities that come with maintaining a household. Case managers will help address issues that could negatively affect long-term housing success. The issues include but aren't limited to; substance abuse and mental health issues. 

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  • 19.6% of Homelessness are VETERANS

  • 38.9% reported they fought in combat.

  • 36.3% served between 1960 & 1970

  • 31.8% reported being homeless for one year

  • 41.6% reported long-term disability

  • 7.8% reported brain injury

  • 21.5 reported being treated for Post-Traumatic Disorder

  • 53.4 reported being treated in an emergency room


​​The average age of veterans reporting homelessness is 50



Help us make a positive impact on the lives of those in need by donating the items below:

  • Clothes

  • Books

  • DVD's

  • New bedding items (sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.

  • Other applicable items (complete the contact form if you are unsure about your items) 

Thanks for submitting!

Ending veteran homelessness requires the efforts of many service providers coming together to supply their resources in a collaborative effort to make sure that their homeless status is rare, brief and non-reoccurring.  Community, state and federal level providers have been successful with developing a process for homeless veterans to obtain stable housing here in Richmond.  Over time we have exposed gaps in services when trying to provide support and assistance to homeless veterans.  Hand Up has taken the initiative to approach homeless veteran service providers and inquire what they can do to help.  Hand Up did not hesitate once the needs were identified and has since provided support for homeless veterans through resources such as housing, case management, and outreach services. This is the involvement and commitment needed from our community agencies in order to be successful in our efforts.  We look forward to working with Hand Up to continue on the path towards ending veteran homelessness here in Richmond, VA and hope that other community agencies also find interest and ask the same question Hand Up did, “what can we do to help”?

-Desiree Taylor

Focused Outreach

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