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Transition In Place Monthly News Veterans Newsletter Presents:

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

A wise man by the name of Daniel Miller once said, “Those times of

transitions are great opportunities to look for recurring patterns in your life

and make adjustments to build on the good and reduce the bad.”

Mr. A. Rogers is from Illinois, he and his family currently reside in Richmond, Virginia.

He served in the United States Army for 10 years as an Army Specialist.

Mr. Rogers spend about eight months here with us in the Transition in Place family.

When the weather is nice and warm, Mr. Rogers enjoys fishing with his children, on

afternoons and weekends, Mr. Rogers doesn’t mind playing video games with his children.

A Word of Advice:

“Look to the stars and you can accomplish anything.”

Mr. Rogers used one word to describe the TIP Program, AWESOME.

His favorite part of the TIP program is the people and the amount of knowledge that

they possess.

Mr. Rogers goal for 2020 is to keep going forward and to never look back, and to always

find ways to better himself and his family..

Mr. C. Johnson is a native of Surry County, Virginia and currently resides in

Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Johnson served 2 ½ years in the United States Army, as a

Track Vehicle Mechanic, on his last tour he served as a Company Commander Driver.

During this period in which Mr. Johnson was enrolled in the Transition in Place

program, Mr. Johnson was able to learn the importance of money management,

saving money for a rainy day and the benefits of budgeting.

Back in Mr. Johnsons younger days, he took an interest in shooting pool, he enjoyed

singing, and bowling on the weekends.

Mr. Johnson was asked “If you were going to describe the TIP program, how would

you describe it?” He replied, “Life-changing experience, it’s a God sent program, it’s

a phenomenal program, I’m beyond thankful.”

Mr. Johnson’s goals for 2020 include him getting enrolled into the school for the

blind to brush up on his braille skills, at one of the Vision Impaired schools in

Cleveland Ohio later on this year, he intends to find more technology resources to

assist him with getting around and being independent.

He also plans on traveling a little more and spending time with his grandchildren.

Advice for current and future TIP clients?

“Try it and see, you’ll like it.” “It worked for me.” “If someone wants to help you, take

a leap of faith and let them help you.”

*February is known as American Heart Month, Age-related macular degeneration

(AMD) or Low Vision Awareness Month, and National Cancer Prevention Month.

#february #AmericanHeartMonth #AMD #lowvisionawarenessmonth #nationalcancerpreventionmonth

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