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Transition in Place Newsletter

COVID-19 Vaccination Sites are located all over the state of Virginia, if anyone is considering getting vaccinated, please discuss this with your primary care doctor(s), caregivers. Testing sites nearby: Walgreens, Walmart, Neighborhood Walmart’s, CVS, Publix Supermarket, Kroger Pharmacy and a host of other vaccination and testing sites.

Remember the 3 W’s: WEAR your mask, WASH your hands, WATCH your distance.

“Transitions aren’t easy, but they’re worth it.”

This month we would like to recognize a veteran who has been with us since the start of the TIP Program, Mr. Elcock. Congratulations to one of our beloved Transition in Place Veterans, who thought of not robbery to take advantage of the resources within and outside of the TIP Program. Mr. Elcock has worked diligently to set goals in which he set for himself and with the assistance of his case managers, they have met and exceeded these goals! We commend you for your hard work and dedication for wanting better for yourself and community.

“I'm going this way... Either you are with me or you aren't.”

Mr. Elcock was enlisted for a period of 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. During his time of discharge, he discharged as a Basic Food Service Specialist after serving in this capacity for 2 years and 7 months. One of his favorite memories of being in the service was seeing how African Americans were treated outside of America amazing. Mr. Elcock choose to enlist in the Marine Corps as a way of exploring the world and the opportunities it has to offer and getting out of the hood.

“How do we know that we are grown?

By the way we handle our business.”

While Mr. Elcock was enrolled in the TIP Program, he set goals for himself to accomplish, by the grace of Allah he was able to meet his goals, his three goals include:

  1. Paying for and maintaining my own apartment.

  2. Obtain a driver’s license and stable vehicle to drive to Georgia to get my boys.

  3. Transition into home ownership within 30 days.

Mr. Elcock describes the Transition in Place Program with this simple phrase here:


“The formula for success...Oh believers, (1) patiently endure, (2) persevere, (3) stand guard and (4) be mindful of Allah so that I can be successful.”

Thinking on this last question, as to what or who motivated me to stay focus and motivated, I would be remised if I didn’t say this, I was motivated by Mr. Augusta Hite because he helped me to refocus my energy. He was the push that I needed to do better for myself, my children, and my community. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the Hand Up Staff for allowing me this opportunity to recenter, rebuild and refocus.

Thank you all again for taking this journey with us,


Handup Community Resource Center Staff

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