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Transition in Place Newsletter Month: February

February is known for the month of love and also it is known as Heart Health Month.

February is known for the month of love and also it is known as Heart

Health Month. This month brings awareness about one of the most

overlooked silent killers, heart disease. If you didn’t already know, heart

disease is the leading cause of death amongst men and women.

4 Ways to Take Control of Your Heart Health

  1. Don’t smoke or if you choose to smoke, limit your daily smoking regimen.Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

  2. Manage underlying health conditions. Use all medicines appropriately, you have been prescribed them for a reason.

  3. Make heart-healthy eating changes. Eat foods low in trans-fat, saturated fat, added sugar, and sodium. At least half of your plate should be vegetables and fruits and aim for low sodium food options.

  4. Stay active. Get moving and get moving! Exercise for a total of 30 minutes each day, go walking, jogging, or swimming, to increase your heart rate.

“The secret is getting ahead is getting started.” – Sally Berger

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.”

– Dr. Mae Jemison

Every year, during the month of February we pay homage to those great African American Inventors, Doctors, Nurses, Civil Rights Activist, Lawyers, Professors, Abolitionist, Hair Stylist, and so much more, who have paved the way and whose inventions, products and life lessons are still being used in today in 2021, we cannot express our gratitude and thank you enough.

Famous Inventions Created by African Americans


• Mops

• Blood Plasma Bags

• Fire Extinguishers

• Potato Chips

• Elevators

• Bicycle Frame

• Type Writing Machines

• Air Conditioner Design

• Traffic Signal Lights

• Folding Chairs

• Pacemakers

• Lawn Movers

Transitional Testimony:

Kudos! Congratulations to one of our beloved Transition in Place Veterans, who thought of not robbery to take advantage of the resources within and outside od the TIP Program. Mr. Ortiz has worked tirelessly to set goals in which he set for himself and with the assistance of his case managers, they have met and exceed these goals!

Mr. Ortiz has been a member of the TIP Program since March 2019.

“You can’t play the game if you got the wrong equipment.”

Mr. Ortiz’s favorite part of the TIP Program is the case managers, he expressed that we’ve made him feel like part of the family. He can call whoever for whatever, and as a team we will find a solution to the issue at hand. Mr. Ortiz would recommend this program to any veteran in need, in the words of Mr. Ortiz, “Don’t enter the program if you’re not going to take it seriously.”

“Helping individuals and families in transition.”

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