Resources Unlimited

is a youth enrichment program that provides motivated and talented youth in grades 9th through 12th with an informative, supportive and structured environment that will foster personal growth and academic development

Mission: Our mission is to remove the necessary barriers to help students realize, fulfill and increase academic, social and personal potential.

Goal:  Our goal is to equip students with the necessary skills and tools to become productive, efficient and successful adults in our communities.  Our program will increase self-esteem and help our members build social, interpersonal and communication skills but most importantly instill the belief of possibility within each student.



Do you know the average high school counselor spends only about 25% of their time on college/career planning?

Does your child have a plan after high school?

Do you need more information on the college admission process?

Do you need more information on the Financial Aid process or searching for scholarships?

Would your child benefit from more opportunities to attend events on college campuses?

If you cannot answer these questions, allow your child to become a member of Resources Unlimited or participate in one of our events.


Champs Program recent celebration at Harrowgate Elementary School.


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