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  • Food and hygiene kits

  • Showers

  • Laundry Services

  • Employment Support

  • Military Documentation Services

  • Case Management

  • Housing Resources

  • Counseling Referrals

  • Emergency Assistance

  • Peer Support, Peer Groups

  • Substance Abuse Groups

  • Healthlink


Food Pantry

Poverty and hunger in America often go hand in hand, but they are not the same. Poverty is not the ultimate determinant of food insecurity – rather, it’s one of many associated factors...

Certified Peer Support - HandUp Community Resource Center

Certified Peer Support

What is a Peer Specialist?

A Peer Specialist is an individual with lived recovery experience who has been trained and certified to help their peers gain hope and move forward in...

Housing Resources - HandUp Community Resource Center

Housing Resources

HandUp Resource Community Center service a vast amount of programs such housing assistance for homeless veterans...

Mentoring - HandUp Community Resource Center


HandUp's Mentoring Programs are designed to help students excel in the classes that they are currently in AND introduce students to ways they can better prepare for their future...

Job Readiness - HandUp Community Resource Center


HandUp staff work one-on-one with individuals to help every person achieve the most from their abilities...

Services: What We Do
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